“Asia covers an area of
44,579,000 sq. kms, about
30% of Earth’s total land
area and a population of
4.4 Billion, constituting
over 60% of total World
The continent of Asia
consists of 48 sovereign
states and 6 partially
sovereign or dependent
territories. Asia is
generally defined as
comprising the eastern
four-fifths of Aurasia.”

“Asia has the largest
economy of all continents.
Its GDP is pegged at
$ 27.15 Trillion, about 35%
of the world economy.
Asia is also the fastest
growing economic region
in the world.”

“Home to the world’s first modern civilisation, Asia features a wide variety of cultural heritage of many nationalities, societies, and ethnic groups in the region. The language, art, music, dance, food is as vast and unique as the people who inhabit the region.”