All students Grade-6 onward in 24 qualified countries are eligible to register for YGLP Global Leadership Program. Students in Grade 6 – Grade 12 should register for YGLP Junior & students in College & Universities register for YGLP Senior.


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YGLP stands for Young Global leadership Program. It is an international leadership program for young people aged 11 to 25 years. The program aims to nurture young people into future global leaders.
YGLP was developed by Human Science Lab, London. It is an outcome of world-leading research on leadership and human excellence at the Human Science Lab with support from a consortium of transnational organisations and foundations. The objective was to come up with a path-breaking model that could be used across the globe to create a new generation of leaders who can push the limit of human accomplishments to new frontier.
YGLP was first launched at University of Oxford in January 2016. It was subsequently launched at University of Cambridge, Stanford University, LSE and several other Ivy League and Russell Group universities.
YGLP is administered by the Asia Council in 44 countries and 2 Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of the Asian continent as YGLP ASIA.
54 cities of 24 Asian countries has been selected as YGLP Host Cities for the continent of Asia. This 54 cities will host YGLP Global Leadership Workshops and evaluation tests. The YGLP Host Cities are selected by a panel based on their global profile and the concentration of institutions selected for YGLP Asia in their proximity.
At the end of the YGLP session, the Asia Council will release a ranking of countries and institutions based on their performance in YGLP ASIA. Qualifying countries are those countries found eligible for the YGLP Country Ranking.
24 countries from Asia have qualified for YGLP 2021-22. The countries were picked up based on the requirement of a minimum number of their educational institutions qualifying for YGLP Asia.
Yes, Qualified institutions and their students in Asian countries other than the 24 qualified countries can still participate in YGLP by opting for workshop and evaluation test in a nearby qualified country and shall also be eligible for institutional ranking but only qualified countries will be considered for country ranking.
The application fee payment is processed through a secured Payment Gateway integrated for your country. We avail the service of world’s best payment gateway service providers to ensure most secured payment processing and a hassle free transaction.

Our website uses the latest SSL security technology to encrypt all data furnished on our website. Before proceeding with your online application, you must ensure that you are log in to (the URL should begin with “https”, not “http”) and there is a green lock icon in the right-hand corner of address bar denoting a secure connection.

While proceeding with your application, It is always advised to paste or type the URL in the address bar instead of following a link from an unauthorised source. Log in directly to YGLP ASIA site by typing in the browser’s address bar.

You must select your country correctly in the online application because wrong selection of country may take you to a local Payment Gateway integrated for that country and your application fee may not be processed successfully.
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